Medical, Sanitizing and Odor Control for Pets

Veterinary medical, sanitation and odor control for animal care facilities and pet owners

OmegaVets and Alpha Tech Pet research labs are designed to produce the safest, most natural and scientifically engineered medical, sanitation and odor control products available for animal care businesses and pet owners alike. Our mission is simply to eliminate the fear and danger of caring for the animals we love.

Our advanced, veterinarian approved, next generation products are created in the harshest conditions, where microorganisms thrive, and are designed to exceed expected results through scientific methods and independent testing.

Most of our competitor's products seemed to be developed with cost savings in mind. OmegaVets and Alpha Tech Pet are only concerned with eliminating disease, stains and odors with our proprietary, patented chemistry, mostly derived from plants and food-edible compounds, that create the optimal environment for healing, cleaning and odor removal.

Now you have an easy to use, plant derived, scientific alternative to cleaning wounds, promoting healing, transforming odors and turning populations of germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi into nothing more than C02 and water. Try OmegaVets products today. We guarantee your results.

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