OxyVet Wound Wash
  • OxyVet Wound Wash
  • OxyVet Wound Wash

OxyVet Pet Wound Care Wash

16-ounce spray bottles, 6/case

Price: $113.04

    OxyVet® Pet Wound Care Wash

    Soothe and clean superficial minor skin irritation

    OxyVet animal wound cleanser is a scientifically engineered, plant-derived, phospholipid complex that is the next generation of wound and skin care for wound cleansing and skin conditioning. OxyVet wound cleanser creates an optimal environment for healing by breaking through damaged tissue and biofilm, forcing water droplets to spread. This animal wound care product provides long-lasting skin conditioning and cleanses without irritation.

    OxyVet is perfect for gently soothing and cleaning wounds like:

    • Skin rips and tears
    • Abrasions
    • Abscesses
    • Flea dermatitis skin irritation
    • Hot spots
    • Lick granulomas

    The Science of OxyVet
    Uses Naturally-Derived Lipids to Clean Wounds and Promote Healing

    OxyVet pet wound care wash with proprietary naturally occurring cytokines is an excellent injury cleansing wash. It promotes healing for wounds and skin ailments and reduces anionic formulation irritation that sets it apart from most wound wash products. OxyVet is a plant oil derived phospholipid complex with anti-irritation effects and long-lasting skin conditioning as well as broad spectrum antimicrobial activity. It provides strong self-preservation activity and reduces anionic formulation irritation found in most wound wash products. It deposits essential fatty acids on skin and repairs damaged skin and wound tissue.

    • Naturally-derived
    • Veterinarian formulated
    • Provides quick action against pathogenic bacteria and fungi
    • Creates an optimal environment for healing
    • Superior Transdermal Penetration
    • Effective against both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, ringworm, protozoa and some viruses.
    • Anti-infective cleanser
    • Lipid Complex
    • Antiseptic
    • Biomimetic

    Microscopic view of OxyVet’s superior transdermal absorption

    oxyvet superior transdermal penetration

    For use on animals only. Spray on wound and surrounding area to clean dirt and debris. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

    Q. What types of wounds can this be used on?

    A. OxyVet Pet Wound Care Wash is formulated to be used on all minor cuts, abrasions, dry skin, and hot spots.

    Q. Will this hurt my pet when I use it?

    A. OxyVet is formulated to be non-irritating to the skin and eyes.

    Q. Can this be used to heal an already-infected wound?

    A. OxyVet creates an optimal environment for healing, and provides quick action against pathogenic bacteria and fungi.


    Glycine betaine, Alpha-glyceryl phosphoryl choline, Tris (N-C5-17-alkylamidopropyl-N, N-dimethyl- N-(2-hydroxypropyl) ammonio) phosphate trichloride

    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:
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    Great addition to your PET first aid kit

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    Let's face it if you have pets then they are like small children and they are going to get into some messes and get some scratches, scrapes and cuts. If you are like me and other responsible pet owners you have a first aid kit just for your 4 legged members of your family. This wound wash is amazing and it works great and keeps your pets injury from becoming infected and it does not sting or burn causing discomfort to your pet. It helps clean and treat tons of issues your pet may get into. Our small pup got an old shingle nail stuck in the paw and once we got it removed we washed it out with this cleansing spray and called the vet who informed us just to keep an eye on it. While using it on our pup she did not mind it at all. And it healed up just fine after a few days of cleaning. I highly recommend this to everyone who has cats or dogs because it can be used on both. We are glad we found such a wonderful product. You will not be disappointed and like I said it is a great addition to any pet first aid kit.

    Pricy, but worth it!

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    My Belgian Shepherd gets sore spots on his feet sometimes as a result of having Degenerative Myelopathy. This spray has been freakishly effective at preventing infections, while quickly reducing inflammation and irritation.

    My dog doesn't care for having it sprayed on, but he doesn't resist when I hold a paw to spray an area. So I'm guessing it might sting just a little bit, but not enough to worry about.

    The sprayer is great, too, offering you two different spray options: single stream, or spray. I tend to use the single stream option more often than not since I'm usually spraying on small wounds as opposed to larger areas.

    But within hours, this spray takes a red, swollen, and infected area back down to a pale pink that is clearly less irritating to my dog.

    Definitely promotes healing for a number of different situations.

    Pricey, but its made in the U.S.A. and it works really well.

    Great gentle first step in wound care in a convenient spray

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    My senior dog has old hind leg injuries that cause her to drag it sometimes, and she's banged up or scraped her pads a time or two. She doesn't like me touching the raw spot, understandably, so this has been great as a first step in cleaning it before topping off with my vet-prescribed wound gel.

    She does flinch a bit on application but it seems to be more from the surprise of the spray than the effects of the contents, because she relaxes once the spraying is done.

    Bottom line: I feel much better about this than plain water or peroxide for wound prep and the only animal I've used it on so far tolerates it well, so this is proving a useful addition to the pet meds cabinet and we'll be keeping it on hand (mine has an expiration date of about 18 months from delivery).

    Sprayed on my dog's hot spots

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    We're dealing with hot spots here and I used this to clean between med re application. It worked fine and didn't bother my dog.